More than half of Ramadhan is over. Let us evaluate ourselves. 
We ought to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

So ask yourself, 
'Am I pleased thus far with how the month has progressed?' 
'Has my relationship with the Quran improved this month?' 
'Have I even read the Quran today?' 

I know I'm slacking on this so this is definitely a reminder to myself first and foremost, in'sha'Allah.. :')

Do you know a great dua to be recited on Laylatul-Qadr? 
Here it is:

Recite this dua when you ask Allah for something and when you are in sajdah in your night prayers (taraweeh, tahajjud, etc), in'sha'Allah!

Let's try to make sure we up our worship for these last 10 nights of Ramadhan. For indeed, the Night of Power is found in these 10 nights and it's value is more than 1000 months! So attempt to go hard and try to cash in on its reward, in'sha'Allah. Imagine having a lifetime's worth of good deeds by just catching the Night of Power in these last 10 nights. May Allah (SWT) allow us to "cash-in" on these last 10 nights. Ameen!

Gravel to Allah. Humble yourself to Allah. Beg to Allah. Make yourself weak to Allah. And Allah will elevate your status to the people and you will not have to humiliate yourself to the people and you will not have to beg the people and you will not be weak to the people.

~ Ramadhan Kareem~


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